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We look forward to receiving your candidate application for appointed title or state pageant entry. The form below is required for all divisions ages 5 and older.

We are now accepting applications for 2023 state pageants and appointed titles. The next national pageant will be tentatively held in early January 2024. 

IMPORTANT! After you have submitted the application below, please check your Spam email folder for acknowledgment and further direction. 


CLICK HERE for state pageant info


Having application form issues? CONTACT US

Take the next step ... apply today! 

Forms may be slow to load ... thank you for your patience!


Liv & Rock Productions

Earth Pageant Productions, LLC

2133 Upton Drive Ste 126 #414

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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This 2023 application is required for all applicants for entry to a state pageant or request to be offered an appointed state or regional title, with the goal to compete at nationals in January 2024 (tentative).


STEP 1: Submit a headshot photograph and $68 refundable application fee (conditions apply) via Paypal or credit card.


Application photos may be updated at a later date. If you have trouble uploading to the application form:

  • Resize the photo to less than 25MG 

  • If necessary, submit application without the photo, and you will be contacted by email to send the image

  • Your application will be considered INCOMPLETE without a photo

  • Your application will NOT process without the application fee

STEP 2: Watch for an email within one week. Check your SPAM folder! State participants MUST first be admitted for eligibility by the national office.


STEP 3: STATE PAGEANTS - Eligible state pageant participants will receive further communication from your state director. All further state entry fees and submissions will be administered by your state director. 


STEP 3: APPOINTED STATE TITLES - Applicants will be contacted with additional submission requirements. There may be additional submission requirements and a waiting period. You may be asked to consider a regional or at-large state title.

STEP 4: ACCEPTING YOUR TITLE - If offered a state or regional title, an initiation fee will be required immediately. Acceptance of your title is an agreement to represent your state at the national pageant. 

APPLICATION FEE REFUNDS: Refund requests must be requested in writing no later than 14 days after application. After 14 days, or if your state pageant takes place within 4 weeks of application, your application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Please do not conduct a charge back via your credit card or PayPal.


Refunds will be granted under the following conditions: ​

  • Request is submitted within 14 days of application

  • State pageant occurs no earlier than 4 weeks after you applied 

  • All other fees, including but not limited to crown, sash, and national entry fee, are NON-Refundable.

  • Click here to request a refund

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